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Chris Nayna
Chris Nayna is a 25-year-old registered nurse who is also self employed as a personal trainer and models in his free time.
Karim Setta
Karim Setta is the youngest contestant. At aged 19, he believes the school of life never ends! He works part time as a sneakers salesman and enjoys his job very much.
Rodrigo Arze
Rodrigo Arze is 21 years old and a Law student. Throughout his life, he has attended several arts classes, specifically oil painting. He is especially proud to have attained the highest score in his thesis about the influence of illuminati in the music industry.
Anderson Tomazini
Anderson Tomazini joined a soccer team for 20 years. The most amazing experience for this 27-year-old so far was visiting the NASA facility in the United States during an exchange program.
Moeurn Makara
Moeurn Makara is a 20-year-old model who hopes to excel in the field. He believes in being a good son to his parents, and whenever he has time, he will go to the market to sell things.
Nan Li
Nan Li studies sports at University. This 21-year-old says his name "Nan" means "south" and is proud to be the first Southern guy to win the Mister International China. He is also a professional soccer player.
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez is a 23-year-old professional model who has won many awards in the industry. However his career ambition is to become an excellent publicist and professional in fashion marketing.
Richard Coronado
Richard Coronado Robles is 29 years old and a nature and art lover. He is very proud of his job as an English teacher especially helping people to learn and acquire knowledge. He once worked as a chef and waiter at his mom's restaurant where he met many people.
Jakub Kraus
Jakub Kraus considers his girlfriend as the most influential person in his life because she supports and believes in his visions. This 26-year-old runs a successful business providing fresh and healthy food to customers in Prague.
Stefano Sandro
Stefano Sandro is a 28-year-old table tennis coach who is committed to helping the younger players achieve their best. However it is real estate that he wants to pursue as a career ambition, and he is intending to take up the course next year.
Freds Rivera
Freds Rivera is 22 years old and enjoys swimming because it helps to keep him in shape. Besides that, he also loves to read, plays the guitar and is a professional dancer. He was trained as a firefighter apprentice.
Bryan Weber
Bryan Weber is 23 years old and employed as an assistant manager. The person he considers the most influential is his sister who always pushes him to reach and realize his goals in life.
Tamaz Beradze
Tamaz Beradze works as a professional model. This 23-year-old contestants hopes to become a top model someday. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, tennis, cycling, reading and movies.
Lukess Sos
Lukess Sos once graduated top of his class at Marine Scout Sniper school and was given the opportunity to serve his country overseas. This 24-year old has traveled to Afghanistan where he learned to appreciate the little things in life.
Halley Laithangbam
Halley Laithangbam is 29 years old and comes from Manipur, a small state in Northeastern India. Despite being brought up in an environment known for its political unrest and economic instability, he felt fortunate to have a good childhood surrounded by loving parents and people.
Kenny Austin
Kenny Austin is 23 years old and aspires to become an award winning actor. An animal lover, he once worked at a veterinary hospital and enjoyed every moment of it. When he finds time, he loves a game of basketball.
Andrea Luceri
Andrea Luceri was a professional soccer player until 8 years ago. He now works as a professional model and gym consultant. This 25-year-old is proud to be his country ambassador of culture and history, especially Pulgia, the region where he comes from.
Junpei Watanabe
Junpei Watanabe played baseball for 12 years. This 27-year-old who hopes to become an actor and model once volunteered as a Reconstruction Assistant for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee studied Administration of Business for Hotel Business. It is not surprising that this 29-year-old is now helping his family prepare their hotel business. When he was 25 years old, he set up a bar and business till this day has been brisk and successful.
Farid Matar
Farid Matar is 25 years old and enjoys all kinds of sports especially working out, swimming and shooting. He once worked as a lifeguard for 5 years and volunteered for the Red Cross.
Kash Azim
Kash Azim is 29 years old and owns a small cafe in his neighborhood. He also works as a freelance personal trainer. He is also part of a metal band that had released 3 albums and played in the biggest music festival in Malaysia.
Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz once played soccer professionally for 5 years for the Second Division of Mexico. After completing his studies, this 24-year-old hopes to become a professional soccer player and recognized model and actor.
Zin Min Htet
Zin Min Htet is a professional model and singer. At aged 23, he is very proud that he has released one album with strong support from his fans.
Cas Winters
Cas Winters is 24 years old who has been doing martial arts for as long as he can remembers. His proudest achievement has been to act for the Dutch National Theater and establishing a modeling career in Indonesia on his own.
Julian Torres
Julian Torres is 21 years old and is grateful to the dancing talent he possesses that enables him to experience different cultures. Currently he is a TV model, dancer, choreographer and personal trainer.
Reniel Villareal
Rafal Jonkisz
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Alvarez is 21 years old. One of the most interesting jobs he ever had was working in quality control in a juice company and reporting to his father. He also enjoys modeling because it allows him to bring life to the designers' creations.
Edwin Aw
Edwin Aw is interested in issues that raise awareness on healthy lifestyle. Besides fitness training, he was also trained in Muay Thai. This 29-year-old fitness team leader and model, who is passionate about the cultures of the world, hopes to emulate the success of his idol, Ryan Terry, who incidentally was Mister International 2010.
Daniel Barreres
Daniel Barreres is 22 years old and studies Architecture. He is extremely proud to have attained the highest grades in the history of his high school. He grew up in a family immersed in the world of architecture and construction, and that inspires him to succeed in the field of architecture and fashion.
Jake Senaratne
Jake Senaratne works as a fitness consultant and is 21 years old. He once worked as a radio presenter which helped him establish a relationship with his listeners and develop a creative mind to make him what he is today.
Ivan Djelevic
Ivan Djelevic is a 20-year-old who teaches Swedish to immigrant children. He plans to continue doing so for a few more years and eventually work with people in need. Ivan is also trained in boxing.

Ivan's brother, Marco, was Mister International Sweden 2011. Marco competed in the 2011 Mister International Pageant and placed 4th Runner-up.
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes, who aspires to be an international model, believes in living in reality and not in dreams. This 27-year-old once distributed all his toys to children.
Chalaphon Karnwatee
Chalaphon Karnwatee is 20 years old and was once the Ambassador for the Tourism Authority for Thailand to promote the country to the world. Whenever he finds time, he sure loves to sing and dance.
Troy Thomas
Troy Thomas is big fan of basketball. As an African American, he feels that his body art would set him apart from the other contestants. This 21-year-old hopes to carve a niche in the entertainment world.
Rafael Angelucci
Rafael Angelucci is a 22-year-old law student who enjoys spending time with his family. He once played soccer for 6 years under the First Division of Venezuela.
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