Mister International 2017


Robby Voets

Robby Voets is a 23-year-old from Tongeren. Currently he is enjoying his life as a model and plans to make good use of the opportunity. The training he received from his national organization has enabled him to walk for many fashion shows. Robby loves visiting Barcelona, Spain. He told us he has been there 4 times and 3 of which were to watch soccer matches.
Ruben Dario Herrera

Ruben Herrera, 25, comes from Santa Cruz. His decision to study Agricultural Engineering has to do with him growing up on a farm that he enjoyed tremendously. Being the only son and grandson, his parents and grandma dote on him a lot. But he didn’t disappoint and has been a good example to his sisters by working at a very young age helping the family. Ruben was the 2009 National Discus Thrower Champ.
Leonardo Nobre

Hailing from Natal, Leonardo Nobre is a 29-year-old lawyer and owner of a car wash company. He once worked as a quick service attendant in Disneyland in Florida, the United States and said the experience was fun meeting and helping people all over the world. Leonardo is proud to be a Brazilian. He thinks Brazilians are charismatic and passionate people known for their happiness, kindness and strength. His interests are music, movies, going to the beach and traveling.
Zhenhuan Yang

Zhenhuan Yang is a 21-year-old who comes from Taian. A Sports major at University, he enjoys working out at the gym, swimming and reading, and had practiced Taekwondo for 4 years. Mister International China was Zhenhuan’s first time competing in a pageant, and he hopes his hard work will continue to pay off at the 12th Mister International Competition.
Manuel Molano

Manuel Molano is a 26-year-old Acting student and dancer from Bogota. As an artist, he believes that art transforms lives and it’s a fundamental part of society that leads to self-discovery and improves one’s life. Manuel also thinks that art has allowed him to have a special sensitivity towards many aspects of life. He does not fear being emotional and lets himself be touched by the circumstances of the world.
Matyas Hlozek

Matyas Hlozek is a Management Studies student and a personal trainer. The 23-year-native of Prague has been playing ice hockey since 4 and is especially proud to have won the European University Hockey League Championship 4 times with his University team. Matyas is not planning to get married in the next 10 years. Instead he wants to continue doing what he enjoys best, singing, modeling, sports and fitness.
Kenny Rodriguez

Coming from Santiago de los Caballeros, 28-year-old Kenny Rodriguez works as a professional model. When he’s not modeling, he indulges in jogging, amateur photography, playing baseball, backpacking and exploring the beautiful mountain and beaches in the Dominican Republic. It’s hard to believe that this model was constantly bullied as a kid. However, Kenny has used that as his motivation to be confident and an inspiration to help others.
Miguel Arevalo

Hailing from Ahuachapan, 23-year-old Miguel Arevalo practices modern dance and has been in several dance academies. Currently he’s a dance choreographer who teaches the sport to professional dancers in his country. Having almost lost his life on two occasions, Miguel is thankful to be alive to accomplish his dreams and goals. He currently studies Law at university.
Aki Parviainen

Aki Parviainen is 26 years old and hails from Riihimaki. This entrepreneur occupies his time as a sports coach and masseur. Besides having undergone army training for one year, Aki has been practicing taekwondo for more than 13 years. He is extremely proud to earn the first degree black belt in taekwondo. Aki feels extremely honored to be the very first representative from his country to compete in the Mister International Competition.
Jordane Reiser

A 27-year-old nurse from Metz, Jordane Reiser considers his job interesting because no two days are alike. It’s also a demanding job that requires you to be extremely patient. While growing up, Jordane didn’t have it easy. He underwent 10 surgeries on his bladder and kidney and that made him treasure life even more. For fun side, he can solve the Rubik’s cube under 1.5 minutes.
Jaren Guerrero

Growing up, Jaren Guerrero was diagnosed with a medical condition called Scoliosis. Even with his spinal condition, it didn’t stop him from pursuing bodybuilding. Jaren has also always wanted to be a firefighter. Currently employed by the Department of Defense, this 25-year-old from Yigo likes the feeling of saving someone and that makes him feel like he has a purpose in life.
Sean Lee

Having been an athlete for 15 years, Sean Lee is used to tough trainings. However, he considers these trainings made him realize the importance of teamwork. 28-year-old Sean who hails from Hong Kong once worked in a beautiful strawberry farm while on a working holiday in Australia. Other than pursuing a modeling career, he hopes to have his own gym and cafe.
Darasing Khurana

As an ambassador of India’s largest blood stem donor’s registry, Darasing Khurana, 25, is proud that he is able to save the lives of people suffering from blood cancer. India. He comes from Parbhani and works as a freelance celebrity fashion consultant. His interests include acting, traveling, exploring places and cultures, and volunteering.
Alvalino Kasenda

Alvalino Kasenda, 22, from Tomohon works as a marketing manager. He grew up in a small village on a small island. Despite living in a remote place, he has had a memorable childhood playing along the beach with his friends and dogs. Besides being able to play many musical instruments, Alvino speaks 4 languages and is presently learning 2 more. He is also able to imitate people and animals’ voice making people laugh.
Matsuura Taizan

Taizan Matsuura was a musical actor who had performed all over Japan. However he is working in fitness training now and enjoys preparing himself physically for the Mister International Competition. Taizan who is 27 years old and comes from Osaka, was a model student in elementary, junior high and high schools and often got rewards for perfect attendance. He believes one should be disciplined in order to accomplish one’s goals in life.
SeungHwan Lee

Seunghwan Lee is 23 years old and comes from Seoul. A winter sports lover, he’s into skiing and snowboarding. Presently, Seunghwan is studying Sports Rehabilitation at University and hopes to be a professor in Sports Rehabilitation or Sports Science. While growing up, Seunghwan was very introverted as a kid. So he decided to change that by participating in all kinds of sports and even winning many medals as a national sprinter in Middle School.
Michael Khouri

Born to a Lebanese father and Canadian mother, Michael Khori grew up shuttling between Lebanon and Canada. It wasn’t an easy childhood but the experience taught him to be a mature individual. This 25-year-old native of Beirut is proud to take over his father’s import and export shipping company. Despite his young age, he remains grounded and tries to improve himself every day. When he has time, he enjoys driving sports cars on the track.
Malcolm Camilleri

Hailing from Hamrun, 26-year-old Malcolm Camilleri works as an engineer. His proudest accomplishment was winning the Table Tennis Under 20 Final Championship Game. Malcolm became a professional table tennis young player when he made it into the Maltese National Squad. A sports and technology lover, Malcolm once joined the military service and has to go to the United Kingdom for training. The experience made him a more responsible and disciplined person that he is today.
Armando Osuna

Armando Osuna is a 23-year-old Tourism Administration student from Culiacan who’s currently working in his family’s engineering company. He was trained athletically for more than 10 years and had many opportunities to represent his country in international competitions. His specialty was long jump. A travel buff, Armando would like to have a travel program where he can introduce different experiences of each country to people, and show everyone that diversity exists in the world.
John Ko Ko

John Ko Ko is 22 years old and comes from Yangon. While growing up, he was so into computer games that he didn’t finish high school. He makes up for his shortcoming by working hard and wants to lead the young generation that being a school drop-out is not the end of the world. Currently, John is the proud owner of a self-help DVD rental shop.
Sajid Alam

Sajid Alam is a 24-year-old native of Biratnagar working in an advertising agency. Having an interest in the fashion industry, he was trained in drama and fashion choreography, and especially enjoys fashion choreography and pageants.
Jeremy Lensink

Coming from Arnhem, Jeremy Lensink is 26 years old and works as a junior field account manager. He has participated in soccer for 14 years and was a goalkeeper and referee. Presently he still referees at the highest amateur and semiprofessional level. Jeremy was trained in drama and acting.
Elvis Murillo

29-year-old Elvis Murillo was raised in Granada, a touristic city. Even though childhood wasn’t easy for him, he learned the importance of earning his own keeps. One of his greatest accomplishment was to finish University. It helped him realized his ambition on becoming an entrepreneur and imparted great knowledge in life. Currently, Elvis is also an English language student.
Husam Ahmad

Husam Ahmad is a 22-year-old Maritime Business Administration student from Penonome. A lover of extreme sports, he is also into riding motorbikes and addicted to gym workout and modeling. Besides that, he has even taken lessons on rap singing. As an entertainment reporter, Husam’s greatest pride is working on TV because he can talk to many young people.
Juan Herbert

When Juan Herbert was 3 years old, his father was relocated to another country. He grew up with his mom who became his pillar of strength. This 21-year-old Communication Sciences student from Lima, who enjoys extreme sports and drawing, is very proud of his country and its culture. He strongly recommend tourists to visit Machu Picchu and Cajamarca.
Raven Renz Lansangan

Raven Renz Lansangan is the youngest contestant at 20 years old. This Mabalacat City native who’s majoring in Business Management will be graduating this April. His career ambition is to become an entrepreneur and help his family. Raven has been an alter server for almost 11 years and most admires Pope Francis for his love and care for the poor.
Arkady Zadrozny

Arkady Zadrozny is a 23-year-old Law student from Bialystok. He considers his grandmother as the most influential in his life. She took care of him when his parents couldn’t do so and taught him the values that he follows in life. Arkady is proud to have discovered his true self that allows him to be a real and good person. He wants to have a company that will help people solve their problems.
Joseph Disdier

Joseph Disdier is a 23-year-old personal trainer from San Lorenzo. He has had special training in percussion and grew up with that passion that opened doors for him on the conservatory of music on his island. In order to pay for traveling expense to serve as a humanitarian mission in Haiti last year, Joseph worked at his grandfather’s farm for an entire year. It was an experience of a lifetime for him.
Marvin Soh

25-year-old Marvin Soh comes from Pasir Ris. He once signed on as a pilot cadet with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Although he was accepted for university studies, Marvin decided to focus on sports science, a subject that encouraged him to become a certified personal trainer. Currently working as an assistant manager, fitness team leader and a personal trainer, Marvin hopes to be able to give talks, mentor new personal trainers, and write a book about healthy living.
Dwayne Geldenhuis

Dwayne Geldenhuis is a 23-year-old quality assurance supervisor from Johannesburg who enjoys modeling and meeting people. He was raised by his grandparents on a farm during which he has had a great childhood with many great friends from different cultures. Dwayne hopes to become a car talk show host who’s able to test drive all the latest vehicles and tour around the world in them.
Ruben Castillero

Hailing from Bizkaia, Ruben Castillero is 24 and works as a model and rescuer. He considers his experience as a volunteer is not limited to maritime rescue and is also involved in a project with children with Down syndrome in which they help then integrate into society. Ruben says he will continue pursuing what he always aspires to be and that is to dedicate himself to fashion or marine rescue. He believes that one should always pursue their dreams.
Alessio Costantini

Alessio Costantini is a 25-year-old private client advisor from Begnins. Besides having a black belt in karate, he had special training in dancing. In fact he had a 3-month initiation for “Bachata”. For 5 weeks every year, Alessio works with elderly people. He would bring happiness and help these people enjoy the last period of their life.
Paran Pitijirakun

Paran Pitijirakun, who comes from Bangkok, is a 27-year-old graphic designer currently pursuing a career in acting and modeling since winning the Mister International Thailand Competition. His eventual goal in life is to use his voice to be a positive influencer for the society. Paran is also interested in communicating with people. He said by interacting with them he is able to learn many new things from them.
Nelson Rivera

Even though Nelson Rivera grew up in a single parent family, he felt blessed to always have a plate to eat. Most importantly, this 27-year-old Orlando native was taught the values of love and respect, and to never give up on his dreams. Nelson thinks he is like the opposite of two poles. He likes modeling yet also enjoys everything that is to do with health. He plans to continue his studies in Pharmacy and works as an international model.
Ignacio Milles

27-year-old Ignacio Milles was once a national swimmer who had practiced the sport for 10 years. These days, he is taking it slow by doing sightseeing in his country and going to the beach. Since young, this Caracas native was taught to earn things with his own merit. Currently, this civil engineer also works as a University Professor and is also studying for his Master in Structural Engineering.
Minh Trung

As a singer and model, Trung Minh wants to excel in the industry. He aims to be the image to influence the Vietnamese people and country. When the 25-year-old Ho Chi Minh City native is not busy singing or modeling, he spends his time volunteering at many charities. This multi-talent contestant is also trained in pole dancing and dance sport.
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