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Harrison Luna

Harrison Luna is a 21-year-old actor, model and hospitality professional from Adelaide. He once shot for a global campaign for a sunglasses brand in the mountains of Italy and was blown away by the view. In the future, he hopes to travel the world creating beautiful films and entertaining people from around the globe.
Mohamed Mahouk

Mohamed Mahouk has been modeling professionally since he was scouted several years ago. This 23-year-old from Temse enjoys being in front of the camera and performing on stage. He is working on becoming an international model and eventually owning a motivational company. He once worked as a truck builder.
Lucio Prado

Lucio Prado traveled for the first time to Germany integrating an American Baroque Choir and Orchestra. But this 29-year-old Santa Cruz native is most proud he was able to take his mother to see spectacular countries and places. This commercial executive loves healthy food and has been cooking his own meals since young.
Danilson Furtado

Danilson Furtado is a personal trainer studying exercise physiology. He hopes to eventually get his Doctorate. This 25-year-old from Castanhal has been practicing karate for 3 years and has earned his orange belt. His other passion is basketball. He once worked in an elderly care house where he taught them exercise.
Ruitao Li

Ruitao Li hails from Taian and hopes to become an actor. This 20-year-old Acting student is proud to rank first in Act examination at University. His childhood was filled with love and happiness and that was where he learned good values to be a good person. He once waited for more than 24 hours at a train station and received help from some very good people.
Jiri Kmonicek

Jiri Kmonicek is a 23-year-old from Prague. He feels proud whenever he has the chance to help others and succeeds in motivating them. He considers his biggest positive attribute is his determination. He knows nobody works harder than him in preparing for the Mister International Competition.
Arturo Paredes

Coming from Santo Domingo, 26-year-old Arturo Paredes once gave a workshop in front of 500 people. He was so nervous but once he started, he forgot his nervousness. It turned out to be one of the best workshops he had given. He is very proud to establish his company that teaches leadership, teamwork and empowerment when he was 20. He hopes to turn it into the number in experiential workshops and empowerment in Latin America.
Christian Layao

Christian Layao is grateful to grow up in Guam where he shares a close bond with his family, cousins, relatives and friends. This 22-year-old from Yigo currently studies Administration of Justice and hopes to work in the Federal law Enforcement Against Drugs. He has never thought he would join the Mister Guam Competition, let alone winning the title. With the popularity and attention, he vows to stay grounded and humble.
Ghael Jean-Louis

Ghael Jean-Louis was a survivor of the 2010 earthquake that brought great damages to his country. This 23-year-old assisted his doctor father in helping the injured victims. Although opportunities are few and life may be difficult for him, he does not use them as an excuse. In fact, it drives him to go farther in life in achieving his goals.
Waikin Kwan

Waikin Kwan once fell so sick after a modeling assignment and was sent to the hospital. While waiting at the emergency room, some staff went over to him to ask for photographs. This 26-year-old personal trainer from Hong Kong was professionally trained in basketball and intends to become an entrepreneur in the fitness industry.
Balaji Murugadoss

Balaji Murugadoss is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Chennai who started event management at 19 years old. It taught him the importance of client relationships. He grew up without smartphones and internet but spent his childhood playing cricket and kabaddi, and taking care of his grandparents’ cattle. Recently he realized his dream on giving a TEDxtalk.
Ezza Praditya

Rezza Praditya is employed as a supervisor for excellence services. This 25-year-old from Yogyakarta was raised in a small village called Sarangan where the landscape creates a beautiful scenery. He once work as a tourism ambassador for his region during which he had learned a lot about cultural and tourism destinations of his country.
Tsuyoshi Takimura

With aspirations to become a famous international fitness model, Tsuyoshi Takimura is serious about fitness training and actually lost 10 kilograms for the competition. This 22-year-old Marketing student from Tokyo works out 6-7 times a week sculpturing his physique to perfection. During his childhood, he played baseball for 11 years.
Daewoong Hwang

Daewoong Hwang is 29 years old and comes from Seoul. This firefighter has gone through many challenging moments in life, however, he appreciates that such events have shaped him to become more responsible and mature. Although his job entails many dangerous and difficult situations, he is proud and happy to be able to help people as his motto is “First One In, Last One Out”.
Mohamad Taha

Mohamad Taha comes from Beirut and is a 20-year-old soccer player with the Lebanese national team. Even though he is in the field most of the time, he tries to explore other opportunities like modeling and acting. He also volunteers his free time working with children with cancer.
Sylevistian Jon

Currently working as an immigration officer, 20-year-old Sylevistian Jon comes from Belaga in East Malaysia. He is a skilled cultural dancer and singer who has won several awards in national cultural festivals. His ambition is to become a successful model and businessman.
Piero Renero

Piero Renero, a 23-year-old International Business student and model from Puebla volunteers at an association for kids with leukemia. He also contributes his effort in time of needs in his country. He is a big fan of cathedrals and is always amazes by the lights, ornaments, history and faith. He hopes to eventually become a businessman.
Prashant Jung Shah

Prashant Jung Shah lives in Kathmandu and is 23-year-old. After attaining his degree in Banking and Insurance, he hopes to become a successful banker. It is his first time out of his country and he considers this trip as not ordinary as he is representing Nepal in the Mister International Competition.
Claudio Schoorstra

22-year-old Claudio Schoorstra from Amsterdam is proud to serve in the Dutch Royal Military Police. He hopes to promote in ranks in order to train recruits in the future. He once worked as an actor for an entertainment company. The experience taught him confidence and stage projection that he finds valuable in life.
Naykel Nino

Naykel Nino from Managua was once part of the national track and field team for 10 years. This 23-year-old hopes to become an ambassador for his country and a diplomat with the United Nations Organization. Coming from a single parent family, he was faced with many obstacles but decided to focus on his studies to become a better person. He also started working at an early age to support himself.
Mathias Duma

Mathias Duma wants to be remembered for the things he has done. Despite having a rough past, this 23-year-old fire security checker worked hard to become a better person. He considers his current job interesting and important as it helps people to be informed about fire security.
Juan Angel Gaviria

When Juan Angel Gaviria was 10, he made the decision to work after school to help out in his family. Today, the 29-year-old from Colon hopes to be a powerful influence for youth from disadvantage families and help them integrate into society. He plans to study law and political science and become a magistrate in the Supreme Court of Justice in Panama.
Duilio Vallebuona

Duilio Vallebuona has been playing professional tennis for 22 years and had represented Peru at the Davis Cup. This 26-year-old business student from Lima feels fortunate as he got to travel the world playing tennis since he was a child. He has also established a foundation for poor children teaching them how to play tennis, as well as a scholarship program in the United States for disadvantaged children.
Mark Kevin Janda Baloaloa

Mark Kevin Janda Baloaloa is a 26-year-old self-employed from Catanauan. Growing up in a humble family, he faced many difficulties and struggles when his father passed away when he was 13. He learned that regardless of your environment, you could still be raised as a good, law abiding citizen. A former varsity basketball player, he regularly conducts free basketball workshops for children where they learn self-discipline, sportsmanship and camaraderie.
Tomek Zarzycki

Tomek Zarzycki is 25 years old and lives in Lodz. A professional model, he has appeared in several fashion house campaigns. Despite having a glamorous job, he has also worked in his grandfather’s garage repairing cars and helped in his father’s ecological farm. He has no intention of planning for his future as he believes best things come unexpected.
Julian Rivera

At 21, Julian Rivera became a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist with the United States Armed Forces working against weapons of mass destruction. Today this 29-year-old San Juan native is a freelance event producer and actor with plans to become a full-time actor and eventually a film producer. He is also taking up violin and piano classes.
Igor Buyantuyev

Igor Buyantuer is trained in fitness and works as a rescuer. It is a challenging job for this 26-year-old Tomsk native as it involves saving lives from emergencies. However he has plans to embark on a new profession as a professional sportsman in bodybuilding and fitness trainer. He once served in the military for special forces.
Famy Ashary

Famy Ashary is a 25-year-old AV technician from Toa Payoh. With an ambition to become a filmmaker, he has great interests in vloggin and videography, and has also worked as a photographer. To keep fit, he does calisthenics and gym. He hopes to set an example to people that if one works hard, anything is possible.
Matjaz Mavri-Boncelj

Matjaz Mavri-Boncelj considers his stepparents for having the most influence in his life. They taught him that true family bond is not blood related. He treats and respects them like his second parents. He is proud to have finished his bachelor degree and being employed at 22 years old. He is independent and currently lives in his own apartment in Trzic.
Lebogang Rameetse

Lebogang Rameetse is a medical practitioner who was once selected as the sexiest man in South Africa. It got the 27-year-old from Polokwane an interview on national TV and a feature in a magazine and calendar. He hopes to have his own private practice to eradicate malnutrition in disadvantaged villages.
Jesus Collado

Jesus Collado works in television. When this 26-year-old contestant from Valladolid has free time, he likes to spend it with his friends or play basketball and work out at the gym. His childhood was spent playing in the street the whole day. However, after graduation from university, he has set his future sights on becoming a businessman.
Amandha Amarasekara

Amandha Amarasekara is a 26-year-old model from Battaramulla. He strongly believes that a person can be anything whatever the circumstances are if he/she has the right attitude. He is proud that he can be financial stable at a very young age and became the youngest assistant brand manager for a firm he works for. He hopes to become a motivational speaker and life coach to help people others their potentials.
Kevin Graf

Kevin Graf grew up on a small island where there were no cars. Even though life was simple, that did not stop him from becoming a coast guard. This 22-year-old Gottenburg native currently works in sales and is especially proud to own his own apartment.
Maikel Ferreira

Maikel Ferreira is 25 years old and comes from Lausanne. He was born in Portugal and spent the first 16 years of his life there before migrating to Switzerland. He wants people to know that he is a happy person who is always smiling and enjoying life to the fullest. Since graduation from cookery school, he is working hard to become a chef.
Kevin Chang

Having graduated from Canada, Kevin Chang’s career ambition is to get more social media exposures and gain social influence in order to help others in need. This 26-year-old native of Taoyuan feels his greatest accomplishment is working with artists in television and movies.
Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte was born and raised in Germany before moving to Thailand. Besides his Thai heritage, he also has a strong German mind and culture. Currently this 27-year-old is working as a Management Assistant and model, and hopes to advance in both industries. When he is not working, he volunteers at the kids English camps.
Nicolas Santos

Growing up in four different countries, Nicolas Santos was able to learn about different cultures and adapt to different places and people. He was always involved in sports and arts from a young age that eventually progressed into an acting career spanning 7 years. This opportunity afforded the 24-year-old from Miami, Florida to travel the world doing theater and TV.
Francesco Piscitelli

Francesco Piscitelli is a 21-year-old Fitness and Nutrition student from Maracay. His childhood was spent in both Venezuela and Italy where he grew up in a loving family that taught him good principles and values. He most admires Walt Disney because of his life experiences that has influenced him in a very positive way.
Trinh Bao

Trinh Bao is a 24-year-old model and gym coach from Ho Chi Minh City. He was raised in Ha Long Bay where most of his childhood was spent at the beach. He especially loves beach soccer and swimming. With a background in music and drama, he hopes to pursue a career in acting, and eventually business. He describes himself as funny and friendly but also confident and brave.
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Ezza Praditya

INDONESIA Rezza Praditya is employed as a supervisor for excellence services. This 25-year-old from Yogyakarta was raised in a small village called Sarangan where the landscape creates a beautiful scenery. He once work as a tourism ambassador for his region during which he had learned a lot about cultural and tourism destinations of his country.