Learn More About The Mister International Competition


Learn More About The Mister International Competition

The Mister International Competition is headed to Yangon, Myanmar.

The show will be streaming LIVE from the National Theatre of Yangon on Monday, April 30 on Facebook.


Yangon is the major city in Myanmar and remains the most important commercial city and most tourists will begin and end their journey in Yangon. A place where modernity meets tradition – it is a bustling and dynamic city undergoing rapid development. The iconic attraction of the city is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a 98m-high stupa whose golden glow can be seen throughout the city. In fact, Yangon has more colonial architecture than any other city in Southeast Asia. Yangon has a fascinating history, and was originally a small fishing village called Dagon, after the Shwe Dagon Pagoda. In 1755, King Alungpaya unified the country and renamed the capital Yangon. Yangon is a combination of two words Yan meaning enemies and Gon meaning “run out” so it’s often translated as “end of strife."

National Theatre of Yangon

The National Theatre of Yangon is a national theater venue in Myanmar. The theater is used for performing arts competitions, musical stage shows and many other national and international events.


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