5 Things To Know About Mister International  SeungHwan Lee


5 Things to Know About Mister International SeungHwan Lee

Mister International 2017 is SeungHwan Lee from Korea! SeungHwan Lee made history by becoming his country’s first Grand Slam Male Pageant Winner. Check out five things to know about him below!

1. SeungHwan considers himself as a polite and honest person. He said, “My parents always instill those values in me since young. It has to do with Korean culture where politeness and honesty play a very important part in our society.”

2. He is a peace loving young man who always thinks about having good relationship with his friends and people around him.

3. He loves to hang out at cafes with his friends and enjoying a good chat with them.

4. He is a very athletically inclined person who does well in every kind of sports. He loves winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding.

5. He loves speed and likes driving to the country.

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