5 Fun Facts About Mister International  SeungHwan Lee


5 Fun Facts About Mister International SeungHwan Lee

Mister International 2017 is SeungHwan Lee from Korea! SeungHwan Lee made history by becoming his country’s first Grand Slam Male Pageant Winner. Check out five fun facts to know about him below!

1. Even though SeungHwan is pure Korean, he hardly eats spicy food. He says, “Most Korean dishes are spicy and Koreans are able to tolerate the spiciness. But I’m not a fan of spicy food. I always get tummy upset whenever I eat spicy food.” 


2. He loves to eat. According to SeungHwan, “I do watch what I eat and leading a healthy lifestyle is my objective. I avoid fats in my diet."


3. His friends think he’s not fun to hang out with. He says, “Maybe I’m a serious person as I’m very focused in life."


4. He has a phobia about all kinds of insects and rats. He say, “These creepy crawlies just give me the chill. Whenever I saw a rat, I’ll just run away!”


5. He loves fixing his hair. He says, “I’m very particular about the way my hair looks.”

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